Invitation for Landsarrangement 2022 in Denmark.

Invitation for Landsarrangement 2022 in Denmark.

Publisert av Christian Moe den 01.05.22. Oppdatert 12.06.22.

The Danish Land-Rover club holds the traditional Landsarrangement and this year it will be in Horsens, in a former state prison. The prison is now used for concerts, museum, cafe and hotel. So, there’s plenty of rooms if you want to book a room directly on site, instead of tent or camping. It’s made with a discount; just tell them you participate in the arrangement. That way, you can actually try for real, what it would say, going to prison. The prison is placed in a larger Danish city with lots of opportunities for been a tourist during the week, fx is Legoland (the original) placed only 40 minutes away by car and there’s also a zoo close by, just as you can visit the “old city of Aarhus”- where you can relive the way we lived in the ’60-’70-’80, along with a lot of other exciting places to visit. Lots of possibilities for the whole family to have a funny vacation in Denmark.

During the week, we will give you a lot of choices for driving offroad, both gentle and rough terrain. There will also be guided trips in the locale area, where all cars can go, and it will be for the whole family. We will arrange a lot of competitions during the week, some will be driving competitions, others will be more of a team building kind, where working together is more important than big wheels and strong winches. So everybody can compete. Every day, at a specific time, there will be something for the kids, on the camp. We will make sure they have a fun time all week.
We have a building at our disposal for being together, having breakfast, dinner and just for the break during the day. There will be a bar selling coffee, tea, candy, slush-ice, beer and wine. Chairs and tables will be at the building. 
Saturday night will be the great night, we will announce the winners of the competitions, we will have communal dinning, and there will be live music and dance. A little more party than the rest of the week.

The arrangement starts 24/7 at 12.00 and ends 31/7 at 12.00. It will not be possible to arrive before, as well as leaving must be before 12.00
If you want to go to Denmark a little earlier, we suggest looking at where you can book place to sleep by members of the club.
It will of course be possible only to be there a few days, you don’t need to be participating the whole week.

You can read much more on the website:, where you can find info about prices and registration.
If you have any question, feel free to write us at: ,we can read both German, Dutch, English, Norwegian and Swedish, but will reply on English.
Looking forward to seeing a lot of you guys in Denmark.
On behalf of the Danish Land-rover club – Reg. Midtjylland

Leader of the region - Jimmi Povlsen