DLRC - new spokesman and chaiman elected

DLRC - new spokesman and chaiman elected

Publisert av Christian Moe den 31.10.22. Oppdatert 02.11.22.

Dear friends,


Just to inform you about some changes within the board of the German Land Rover Club (DLRC). The recent election led to new responsibilities and in consequence to changes of the email addresses. Wolfgang Stadie will take over the position of the spokesman (vorstandssprecher@dlrc.org) and myself was elected chairman of the DLRC (vorsitzender@dlrc.org). Nevertheless, you’re free to address your communication as usual.


Times are difficult, energy costs are high and the war in Ukraine is unfortunately still ongoing. But we hope, we can continue in organizing our events and doing a lot of trips and journeys not only in Germany. You are welcome to join our events, and – not worth to mention it - we will be very pleased to get to know what you are doing and what you are going to plan. 


Please, don’t hesitate to contact us or to visit our homepage in order to get an overview what will happen at the DLRC in Germany. Looking forward to meet you at any time anywhere.


Take care and kind regards





Dr. Martin Schöndorf

Deutscher Land Rover Club e.V.



T: 06408 940 332

M: 0172 5455931

E: Vorsitzender@dlrc.org

W: https://www.dlrc.org/